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Or how to take 40hs to get to Sao Paulo..

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I love the airline industry. I really do. I have been part of it for 4 years, and after completing a degree in Air Transport, I hope to be part of it for many years to come. But today is not the day to feel proud about that. Today is the day that due to the most common topics related to the airline world, it has taken me over 40hs to get to Sao Paulo from London. Im pretty sure you could fly around the world in that time.

I work (or used to anyway!) for a charter airline. I had to deal with the whole "this would not happen in a scheduled airline" phrase MANY times. Like flying scheduled would mean perfection. Let me tell you: give me charter 1000 times. We fly to destinations not very often, we dont offer free upgrades, and certainly no free drinks. But you know you turn up at check-in with your ticket and you know you will get to your destination (weather and technical issues permiting).

I turned up at the Lufthansa check-in desk at Heathrow, and I get a free upgrade, nice surprise! I get to Frankfurt and I repeat the action. Although this time no nice surprise is awaiting me. A rather nasty one I would say. The flight is overbooked and im not going anywhere. Overbooked by 88 people to be more precise. So probably not going anywhere any time soon.

Got offered the possibility to go to Munich, there are seats on the flight next day and if I want to, the can check me in then and there, so I will be in Brazil the following day. Mmmmm... not too bad. BUT (there is always a but) I need to make my own way to Munich as there are no connections suitable between the two cities to get there in time. Mmmmmm.... I can still survive that.

4.5hs and 85 euros later, I arrive at Munich airport, which let me tell you, it is the airport that has the biggest concentration of flies of the entire world I reckon. Forget about India, Kenya or similar places, if you are a fly, you'd love Munich Airport for some strange reason.

Eventually managed to make it through the nite, and to board the flight at 11.00 am. To make a long story short (ish): no personal entertainment, food rather poor and crew that are not so please when you ask them when the next movie is gonna be screened ( 2movies in total for a 12.5hs flite)

Finally got to Sao Paulo in one piece, and believe it or not,. went to bed directly, as although I thought that my public transport stories would begin in the southamerican continent, I reckon this one is the winner (at least so far... lets not be too optimistic...)

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Hasta Pronto Amigos...

Only one responsability: To come back...


At last, after all these months, the wait is over! One day late due to university commitments, and with my health state at its worse due to accumulated stress, Im finally leaving tomorrow. The last few days have been full of goodbyes, farewells and such and I dont think I have had the opportunity so far to understand my new life: No Uni, No job, No responsabilities, just the road...

Or I might correct that... As my dad said to me when we said goodbye at Granada Airport: "You DO have one responsability... You have to come back... And that is the biggest responsability of all"

And as I have always kept my promises, Im taking that responsability with me in my 14kg backpack... if no other!

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It's the Final Countdown...

25 days to go


So this is it!

I have finally decided the date that I will be leaving for south america: the 16th of June!! It is quite ironic because 4 years ago, on the 16th of June, I started my job with First Choice Airways ( Air2000 in the old times...) which was, somehow, another big adventure!: new job, new city, new house, new friends! I can not deny it all worked out really well over that time, so Im just hoping it will be good this time around too!

After 4 years of flying, waking up at 3am, asking for tea or coffe, meeting at the bar downroute at 7pm, leaving the bar at some stupid time in the morning completely drunk, dancing on some bars (and I mean ON the bar) in Mexico and India, "chicken or beef?"-ing, bursting eardrums 3 times, jet lagging badly, tuesday nights at Bar Med, CAA regulations, and of course the million dollar statement: "This would not happen with British Airways", among other very educational comments from passengers... well, it is time to take a break, and see what it is out there in the real world...

What a better way to do that than travelling?? I have got 3months and many places to go in so little time: Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela!

Hopefully, It will help me decide what I wanna do with my life when I get back... and if it doesnt, well... It will help me to avoid the night flights to Rhodes nevertheless (no offense to Rhodes, it is a gorgeous island)!

Either way, I am looking forward to this trip more than anything in a long long time, probably in my life, so whatever is round the corner in September it doesnt matter right now... The only thing that matters now is to work out how to adjust my backpack (how can they have so many straps????) and how to walk with these boots (Im trying to practice around the house..)!!

But until the 16th arrives, life is hectic right now: Im finishing University, sorting out stuff at work before I leave, renting my room out and sorting things around the house, and of course, trying to see everybody before i go... AGhhhh!!

I just decided to take 15mins off and try to work out this blog, cause it is all new for me! So hopefully, if you are reading these lines, it is because I didnt do it too bad :D

Now it's time to go back to the books, and try to do something useful for this world and myself (a.k.a. pass my degree...)

Only 25 days to go.... That is all it matters...

x x x

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